Make smart decisions with a smart market data

We believe that it is impossible to grow a successful brand without deep dive into the ocean of market analytics. We are continuously looking for insights with the best tools, starting from manual products research and ending with high-end researching software.

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Market analytics platform analyzing competitor pricing, discounting, assortment, promotions, and global trends based on trillions of data points
What do the customer needs
Business analytics platform made for retailers, equipped with AI-powered recommendations to increase profit and demand
How to sell them
Automation engine to power improvements in product sorting, pricing, discounting, replenishment, and customer engagement
How to automate and reduce the costs
Market Intelligence
With powerful analytics, industry research reports, competitor product assortments, and pricing data on over 4 billion products, there is no better way to know your competitors, see consumer trends, and develop the best retail strategy.
How to sell them
Give everyone in your business the power of analytics, break down data silos, and visualize how your actions impact profits and margins. Let us connect and normalize data across your business so your teams can make the right decisions.
Visualize competitor product, assortment, and pricing analysis
Monitor and analyze language and images from competitor email campaigns and websites
Easily find similar products across various markets with Product Matching
Get alerted to key trends reported by our industry leading in-house Analyst team
Analyze everything in one place: ecommerce, in-store, stock, customers, marketing, costs, returns, and more
Easily diagnose what is causing changes to conversion, profit, and margin
Determine how changes in product exposure, pricing, replenishment, and promotions will impact profit
See recommendations to improve product sorting
Get alerted about replenishment needs based on predictive demand
Bio Labs
Optimize your business systems and tools by automating improvements to product pricing, sorting, replenishment, and customer targeting. Our platform allows you to fine tune your retail business using hundreds of enterprise and market signals to automate workflows.
Fine tune price changes to align with demand, stock, and competitor promotions
Improve and personalize product sorting, search results, and recommendations at scale
Limit stockout and overstock with automated replenishment
Build marketing campaigns to target and track bespoke customer segments through email and ads
We work with customers around the world