A New Breed
of Beauty
an Wellness Brands

Today, purchasing decisions are based on search results, product details, and reviews — not on brand alone. We make products for the empowered consumer; their satisfaction is our success

Bio Labs
What we do

Marketing and analytics of the beauty and wellness markets


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Full support for beauty and wellness brands

IT and legal

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Manufacturing and packaging design


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How we do
Our ERP system utilizes data science to show us where products aren’t meeting consumer expectations
Product Research
Our agile supply chain brings better products to online marketplaces within 2-3 months
Supply Chain
Our ERP automates pricing, inventory levels, forecasts, and media buying. Greater efficiency brings customers the best value their money can buy
Sales Automation
We optimize fulfillment across channels to offer the most highly competitive shipping rates in the industry
We collect feedback on products to consistently improve and increase satisfaction
Customer Service
Want to Build Great Products With Us?
We work with customers around the world